A Busy Week, a Busy Weekend 

Thank you for your prayers! Last weekend I was especially focused in my study time, while still allowing for a social break or two! Even with so much studying, I only managed to get caught up in two out of three classes. 

“Keep Calm and Study On” has been my motto these past few days. This week I have studied many late nights in a bid to complete my work satisfactorily, but I still struggle with the pace and workload of these courses. My detailed and analytic brain wiring requires extra time to analyze and process information. Last night I was feeling especially discouraged, but I pushed through with prayer and, one step at a time, managed to complete an assignment. 

This weekend presents another opportunity to study, but some intervening events will make it less focused than the last weekend. Please pray that I would be able to make the most of it.

Please pray for guidance and insight from God as I navigate these issues.

 Please also pray for my phone. I feel silly for asking for such a thing, but it has not been charging well, and the cause is not yet clear. Please pray that I would be able to get a diagnosis and a certain the course of action to address it.
Today was a fun day in Hebrew class! We went to the library and saw the 16th century Torah scroll that was recently donated to the university. It was crafted in Morocco and contains the Pentatuch, or the first five books of the Old Testament. I was astounded that we were all allowed to enter the scroll room and get so close to the document. It’s a,aging the amount of work and effort that went into creating and maintaining such a document. Here is a link with more information about the scroll:

TWU receives late 16th century Torah scroll

It’s astounding that a month ago I knew zero Hebrew, but now I am able to read, recite, and write the Hebrew alphabet, sound out the words, and even identify about fifty words! I translated my first portions of scripture the other day- only short phrases. But it was still very exciting! Praises that I am able to do all that! Prayer that I would be able to wrap my head around all the prepositions and crazy phonological process (how words change when next to other words, like the English contraction “you’re” from “you are”).

Thank you! God bless.


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